Opening of Art Gallery Rome

The Art Gallery Rome is scheduled to open in the historic center of Rome just a few meters from the Chiostro del Bramante and Piazza Navona, Rome's number one destination for importance and beauty

Mar 23, 2019 - May 23, 2019
Viale Elio Lampridio Cerva,
160, Rome, Roma,

The works of Angelo Ribezzi will be on display.

"Angelo Ribezzi - A green journey of the soul" by Carmelo Conte - Latiano 21 October 2008

Painting nature, in its many colors, vital and explosive, springs from an incessant, fragile pulse of the heart. And it is precisely the heart of the painter Angelo Ribezzi who, after a silent repression and gestation, rebels against the Eternal city holding brushes and spatulas, vigorously unloading the dream colors of his dreams on canvas and wooden supports!

Thus, he enters a beautiful fable, in search of the fairies of light, guide to lost scents, hidden in the blues of the night. Warm snowfall, love between nature and man; these compositions, which flow between the arteries of the mysteries of life, like crazy chips.

Angelo's painting invites us to a party that finds us children; the kites, whose threads remain anchored to the earth like trees, fly towards blue skies: they move as if they wanted to leaf through the pages of a book, to shake the dew of the night.

Roses, water lilies, poppies, seem destined for the awakening of new blooming dawns.

Angelo Ribezzi, technically virtuous artist, does not save himself in the use of matter and color; attacks and composes green plains that take you back in time, to what the times of innocence were, the time lost.

One work, in particular, "Nails" the existence of our artist: the painting in which depicts the Colosseum, the Gazometer and Michelangelo's Pietà, three elements set among modern buildings with innumerable windows.

And it is precisely in this work that the truth of an evil is told, which obscures history, the beauty of art, which is our time, in its "consumerist" and "indifferent" matter.

The artist guides us towards respect and love for this land, dazzling with a thousand colors, which continues to give us spiritual, emotional impulses, despite the violence suffered by it, incessantly by man.

What is striking about Angelo Ribezzi, is the ability to express, not only the colors, but above all the fragrances of the contents of his rebellious pictorial explosion and the delicacy of a sensitive soul, which has the courage to rediscover and live the "hope", freeing the soul and the heart, fragile and green.

Contact Person: Mr Angelo Ribezzi
Organizer: Artists in the World Events
Address: Via di Parione 10
City: Rome
State/Province: Italy
Postal Code: 00186
Country: IT

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