Enigma di fondo

Personal exhibition of Betty Danon

Nov 21, 2018 - Jan 19, 2019
Piazzetta Nilo, 7, Naples, Napoli,

The Tiziana Di Caro gallery is happy to host the second solo show by Betty Danon (Istanbul, TR, 1927 - Milan, IT, 2002) entitled Enigma di fondo, which opens on Wednesday 21 November 2018, at 19:00.

The exhibition includes a selection of artist books belonging to various periods of his production and a series of drawings made during the seventies.

In the Seventies Geometries: between logical and poetic, programmed and casual we had told the approach that Betty Danon had with art, through collage and geometric (tonal) paintings, which started from the circle and the square. These, over time they are synthesized and of the circle only one point remains, while the square one side, one line. Point and line are elements of landing, but also starting, and the attitude to abstraction is emphasized until leaving space to visible images, but also audible, with the transcription of sound through images.

The basic Enigma expression refers to the process of becoming, in dynamic interaction with the imponderable depth of being, a polarization of reality on which Danon always reflected and of which he speaks in his declaration of poetics of 1975.

The exhibition opens with Poems in the square, an artist's book of 1973 which contains five poems graphically organized in the space, in fact, of a square.

In the mid-seventies Betty Danon fixed on a tape the sound determined by the sliding of the tip of a pencil up a sheet. By tracing lines one had the possibility of listening to the gesture of writing. This action became first one performance and then a book.

Super L.P. it was published in 1975 and contains a poem in seven verses: dot-line / puff-line point / breath point-line / point-line space / sigh point-line / cry point-line / pause point-line / silence. The verses are not described only with words, but also with the alternation of points and lines. With this action / book and using contextually word and sign,

Betty Danon tells the stages of human existence, starting from the first breath and ending at the last silence.

On show there is a specimen of Point - line, which Betty Danon considered his most important book, because, albeit in a extreme graphic synthesis, contains the most decisive aspect of his poetics. Published in 1976 Punto - linea starts from one "Tautology" that you see on a page, where tracing a line, the artist writes the word "line".

The same theme is also dealt with in I & I published in 1978. "Phonetically I & I (me and I in English) calls into question the grammar of the subject, emphasizes the problematic development of the ego in crisis, in its complex dialogue with the "Other self", decisively decisive as "Shadow" (Betty Danon, 1978).

During the seventies the research on the sign and the word continues to generate similarities and works closer to the border between abstraction and rarefaction. This is the moment of the asemantical scores, works of great lyrical emphasis in which yes already recognizes the concept that precedes the "abstract scores". Betty Danon tells that from the experiences of collages and paintings geometries had preserved the point and the line, as primary elements that synthesized all the forms and, poetically,

also the whole universe. Suddenly transforms the line in musical line and the point in note, starting to work using as base the pentagram. It superimposes the tracing paper to the pentagram sheet, and then work with the nib and the white ink performing manual interventions; the overlays gave the impression of depth, creating shadows that seem to be echoes at the same time. These were the Abstract Scores with which Betty Danon set itself on the international scene. Mysterious works in which art not only looks, but listens.

Contact Person: Mrs Tiziana Di Caro
Organizer: Galleria Tiziana di Caro
Address: Piazzetta Nilo, 7
City: Napoli
State/Province: Napoli
Postal Code: 80134
Country: IT

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